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Grown up in Berne, Switzerland, Juila aka Juli Lee does not reveal on first sight the little Nerd that hides under her mane of curly hair. Her favourite topics are Delays, Equalizer, Sidechains and Basssounds as well as Audiogear or just music in general. If you have an appointment with her ‘after the studio’, you will most probably get 3 messages, each postponing the meeting to an hour later, and worst case to the next dawn because Miss Lee can't break away from her latest production. Her answer to the question: “But what did you do till 5am ?”, will presumably and quite natural be: “I was looking for the right kick drum!” Music is her first priority, without competition. Even if you are sitting next to her at the movies, she will suddenly take her phone to note down some sound ideas she just had and then wriggle about on her chair because she can’t wait to transform her sudden inspiration into action.

Her creative work has even intensified once more, ever since Ben Mühlethaler, owner of the B-Note Studios has taken her under his wings as a protégé. To be able to learn from a grandmaster of mixing and producing feels like a great privilege to her and she uses every second to look over Ben’s shoulder. The need to share her musical discoveries with others was always present in Juli Lee’s live. Nightly sound orgies for hours and hours were daily fare in the badly heated old city department.

In fact it was pure pleasure and fun, when she had the chance to play some music on a dj-friends turntables that he stored in his basement. When he returned several hours later, to tell Juli Lee that he and his girlfriend finally needed to go to bed, it was crystal clear to her, that this was not going to be her last time behind the decks....even if she had to put her new found passion on hold, due to a lack of money and means to practise.

A little later the opportunity opened to work on her mixing skills in a club, that was closed during the week. It did not take long until the club owner heard her accidentally while she was practising and gave her an opening slot. More gigs followed and she refined her technique as well as musical knowledge and found a home in the so called ‘house music’. She now plays almost every weekend and had the chance to leave Switzerland’s boundaries to play in Germany, Croatia and most of all New York where she has bookings on a regular basis. 

Not to bow to any genre is part of what gives Juli Lee’s music it’s attraction. Unconventionally she combines groovy rhythms and driving basslines with elements of a broad variety of well selected styles and succeeds to create a homogenous sound, despite diversity. The bottom line of her sound is a danceable catchy mix of House&Techno or as she would describe it: I play music between 116 and 126 BPM. She does not believe in the devision in underground and commercial music.

“A track is good because it’s good and not necessarily worse just because more people listen to it.”

Nonetheless she always tries to get the crowed with new, not yet overdosed sounds and thinks that it is the duty of a DJ to spread good music that easily gets lost and undiscovered in the flood of information in our social media society.

“The moment when you share music with others and you realise, that everyone in room feels the same, triggered by the sound coming from the speakers, is one of the purest forms of love I know.”

Next releases can be expected on the Berlin based label Welldone!Music, the German Label 136° Recordings, as well as the American label King Street Records and the Swiss Label Inyan Music. She already had releases on Welldone!, Purple Music, Caballero Records, 136° Recordings  and Inhouse Records & Kingstreet Sounds.

Since Spring 2016 she is published by Ultra Music.